Principal's message

At Cranbourne Primary School the staff, students and parents value ‘Learning Together’. We work cooperatively in an inclusive and safe learning environment which enables students to feel valued and have a sense of belonging.
We expect, encourage and support students to be responsible, independent learners who have a strong sense of community – locally, nationally and globally.
Cranbourne Primary School places a strong emphasis on students feeling connected within their community. Staff in all areas of the school have opportunities to develop relationships with students across the school through whole school events and activities which are formulated around the House system. We have a commitment to students' well-being, through a holistic approach to students.

The teaching and learning pedagogy at Cranbourne Primary supports the members of the school community to develop intrinsic PRIDE in their learning-

Persistence, Responsibility, Independence, Discipline, Enthusiasm.
At Cranbourne Primary School we are committed to building a strong and vibrant learning community providing opportunities for students to become educated, confident young people.
Luke Abdallah