Principal's message

Our school runs academic programmes within learning communities –


-Junior (grade 1 and grade 2)

-Middle (grade 3 and grade 4)

-Senior (grade 5 and grade 6)

Students are taught at ‘their point of need’ in Literacy and Numeracy.


Where possible (staff expertise and availability considered) the specialist programmes offered will try to incorporate:  PE, Art, Personal Development, Science and  ICT.  Lote shall be conducted within learning communities.


Our school history and development promotes recognising the past, valuing the present and embracing the future.


Whilst the school has undergone structural and organisational changes which support education in the 21stcentury – learning in communities with a strong sense of cooperation, independence and creative thinking – the school takes pride in maintaining a respect for its history.


A Rotary honours board hangs in the main corridor recognising past students who served in WWII, whilst photos of the school from the past century are displayed with pride in the front foyer.


                               Cheryl Van Deursen